A PRUDHOE man has put pen to paper after being affected by scenes in war-torn Ukraine.

Rob Wanless began writing poetry in lockdown. Some of his poems have since been turned into songs, recorded in a professional studio.

The 70-year-old has now written new poems, including The Mighty Ukraine and No More War, in response to the Russian attack on Ukraine.

A lot of Rob's poetry accompanies drawings by friend Tommy Lee, of Blaydon. Tommy used to draw as a child but also started more seriously in lockdown.

The friends met at Prudhoe Golf Club and it was Tommy's brother Steve who recorded Rob's songs.

"Whether we've got something unique or not, I don't know", said Rob.

"It's just awful. In our lifetime, why should this happen (war)? I can't understand it.

"Tommy was having the same thoughts with his paintings, this is wrong."

The Lonely Soldier is about Ukraine. It reads: "The soldier you have painted, standing all alone and scared,

"Surrounded by a field of poppies, all brilliant and red.

"A gun is his company, it’s always by his side,

"He’s always at the ready, a one never to hide.

"He’s fought with such courage and the pain is there to see,

"Fight for his country and never will he flee.

"The comrades he went to war with lie dying all around,

"The lonely soldier stands all quiet, not a sound.

"The artillery, it has ceased, no planes flying in the skies,

"The lonely soldier stands, tears streaming from his eyes.

"The flag has become his only companion, for the gun he’s laid to rest,

"No more killing the enemy, for the soldier he knows best.

"Now the lonely soldier stands dreaming to be homeward bound,

"Close to his loving family, all quiet not a sound."

Rob, who is interested in raising funds for charity via poetry, has also written about personal experiences, including holidays with his wife, interesting people he meets and his surroundings; he has, in the past, written songs about Prudhoe and the A69.