A group of volunteers is celebrating the renovation of a bungalow that will house a Ukrainian family.

Volunteers of Allen Valleys Help for Ukraine, led by husband and wife team Tony and Linda Beck are celebrating tranforming a 'unliveable bungalow' into a family home for a family-of-four Ukraine refugees.

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Hexham Courant:

Thanks to a kind neighbor, the bungalow was donated to the group for a family who has elderly grandparents and a child with a disability. 
With this gesture, time was of the essence as the group needed to have the home finished and ready for their arrival.

Tony and his wife recognised that it was going to be a lot of work but they were determined to get it finished.

Recalling to their main aims of the project, at the start of the project,  Tony said:"We wanted the house to have some familarity to it, so the family would have something like they did back in Ukraine.

"The family used to have a chicken run in their garden, so we were keen to make sure they had that and a nice garden to relax in.

"They came from a rural area, so when the bungalow was offered to us, we thought Allendale would be perfect for them."


Hexham Courant:

"We are so pleased to have finished the project in time for the family's arrival," Tony said.

"We have had a lot of amazing support from the community, just to name a few; Caroline Wagstaffe, Patrick Thomson, Les Elliott, 'Spuggy', Dave Greenwood, Tom Craggs, Richard Kennedy, Tony Redgate, Glen Nattrass, Les, Sam Coulson and Jona Maurice.

"We are also thankful for all the local companies who are our sponsorships, again to name a few, Charltons, Doves, MKM, Nortile, JW Carpets, Karpet Mills, FEP Electric Homebase."

Hexham Courant:

"On Friday, June 17 we had a celebration drink to toast the end of the project.

"We are now in anticipation of waiting for the family to arrive.

"We have receieved word that the refugees have had their Visa and paperwork in place and so they will be coming to Northumberland in the next few days."

Hexham Courant: