AN EVENT will take place in Hexham on Saturday, June 25 to mark the 60th anniversary of the publication of the epic novel, Devil Water.

First published in 1962, Anya Seton narrated the true story set in Northumberland of Charles Radcliffe and his involvement with the Northumbrian Jacobites.

Michael Nevin, Chair of the 1745 Association SCIO, will give a talk on the historical book which will be followed by a tour of Devil's Water itself.

The talk will be held at 11am, at St Mary's Catholic Church on Battle Hill.

Hexham Courant: RIVER: Devil's WaterRIVER: Devil's Water

For those not able to go on the walk, they can meet the rest of the group at the Beaumont Hotel at approximately 1pm and the event is expected to end at 2.30pm.

Michael said Devil's Water is an 'evocative place, a beautiful place' and features in the novel as a place for reflection and as a turning point for the characters.

"James Radcliffe, 3rd Earl of Derwentwater, has a vision which leads him to throw his support behind the attempt of his natural cousin James Francis Edward Stuart to regain the British throne in 1715, with fateful consequences," he said.

Hexham Courant: PEACE: Devil's WaterPEACE: Devil's Water

He added Devil's Water is located near Dilston Hall, once the seat of the Radcliffe family, and the novel tells the history of Northumberland.

Northumbrian Jacobite Society The Fifteen will lead the tour. 

The event is jointly organised between The Fifteen and the 1745 Association.

Michael said everyone is welcome to attend, and the event is free.