Councillor demands answers from exam board after concerns over 'leaked' science paper.

Prudoe County Councillor Gordon Stewart is keen to get answers for concerned parents and students about the leaked AQA A-Level Chemistry Paper 2 exam which pupils sat on Monday, 20 June.

Cllr Stewart said: "I have received complaints from residents about this issue which has caused a large amount of stress and upset to young people and their families, if AQA did know about this prior to the exam day they should have changed the papers and allowed a fair examination to take place.

"I have contacted AQA and asked for a clear explanation of how this occurred & what action they will take to prevent this from happening again and also ensure the hardworking students will be treated fairly."

A concerned parent from Northumberland has also voiced a complaint and is worried over her daughter's future career and how it will affect her university place.

She said: "My daughter was understandably very upset.

"She’s the first year group to have GCSEs cancelled so not much exam experience and then this.

"All sorts of rumours then fly about re resits, new exams, grade drops etc and all the while more exams to take this week.

"The kids are so exhausted, well those that have worked very hard and if the grades drop as a result that’s no Uni place.

"Her long term aim is to be a Doctor or a Pathologist so she needs a high grade for her Uni place.

"One grade lower than she needs and her whole future she has planned doesn’t happen."

An AQA spokesperson said: “We’re very disappointed to hear that some students may have seen our A-level Chemistry paper 2 before the exam.

"Our exams integrity team is investigating and will take any action necessary, including working with the police.

“We realise students might be concerned, but we’d like to reassure them that there are lots of things we can do to make sure no-one has an unfair advantage - which could include monitoring for any students with suspicious performance on this paper.”