Owners of an animal rescue charity fears it will close if it does not receive public support.

Anthony and Jojo Johnson, have run Pennines Wildlife Rescue in Carrshield, for eight years but are worried with no donations or public funding, it could lead to closure in a few months.

"At the moment we are using my army pension and JoJo's medical negligence fund to pay for vets, animal feed, and fuel," Anthony said.

"But unfortunately it is as stretched as much as it can be.

"We think that if we don't receive any help now, we could be closing by October and would have to rehome the animals that we helping now."

The rescue currently has 55 pigeons, seven permanent birds of prey, sheep and many more animals.

Anthony first came up with the idea of running the rescue center when he found himself with a hurt baby deer.

He said: "I was driving around and came across hurt baby deer and felt like I had to help it.

"Word got around that we helped the deer and then people began to bring all sorts of animals to our house in hopes that we could help them.

"We then decided to move to Carrshield and rent out a farm so we could help more animals."

He adds: "It would be a shame to close as we have put so much work into the business and we have helped a lot of animals.

"I haven't had a day of in eight years, as I am always here trying to help the animals."

The rescue center has been unable to fundraise due to Covid, however, they also feel the public is not able to give much money due to rising living costs.

Jojo and Anthony are trying to put a calendar together to sell but right now rely on donations.

Anthony said: "We appreciate any donations as little or as many people can afford.

"Even a pound can go a long way.

"Donations do not need to be money, as we also have in the past we have received an animal feed."

If you wish to donate to the charity click here