CORBRIDGE: Mrs Ann Shepherd, variation of condition 2 (approved plans) on approved application 21/00437/FUL to create lower level to provide plant room, store room and home working space, land west of Tyne View Terrace, Well Bank, Ref. No. 22/01990/VARYCO

GUNNERTON: Mr Jonathan Elkington, conversion of existing agricultural barn into 2no. dwellings, barns at Demesne Farm, Coal Road, Ref. No. 22/01781/FUL

GUNNERTON: Mr Jonathan Elkington, prior notification for change of use of existing agricultural buildings to 4no. dwellings, Demesne Farm, Coal Road, Ref. No. 22/01796/AGTRES

HEXHAM: Selena Alton, Listed Building Consent: Installation of a kitchen extraction system, 9A Battle Hill, Ref. No. 22/02096/LBC

HEXHAM: Selena Alton, retrospective planning application for the installation of a kitchen extraction system, 9A Battle Hill, Ref. No. 22/02100/FUL

HEXHAM: Mr Daniel Armstrong, prior notification for a proposed agricultural building to house live stock and slurry holding pit, Windy Hill Farm, Ref. No. 22/00783/AGRGDO

HORSLEY: Jack Morris, alterations to telecom's installed at Whittle Farm, mobile communications mast Whittle Farm, Ref. No. 22/02144/MISC

MEDBURN: Mr Paul Dorrington, non-material amendment to planning permission 21/02413/REM for alterations to plot 10 house layout, windows, doors, roof lights and garage, Plot 10, land to north of The Avenue, The Avenue, Ref. No. 22/02055/NONMAT

PONTELAND: Mr Ian Ginks, non-material amendment (single storey rear extension rather than two storey and new enterence porch) on approved application 21/03970/FUL, 92 Darras Road, Darras Hall, Ref. No. 22/02090/NONMAT

PONTELAND: Mr Colin Elliott, mon-material amendment (depth of extension will be 5185mm instead of 4600mm. Bifolds 3m instead of 2.5m. Two roof lights instead of three) on approved application 21/02185/FUL, 26 Willow Way, Darras Hall, Ref. No. 22/02057/NONMAT

PONTELAND: Mr Matty Pearson, demolish existing bungalow and constructing of steel frame 3 storey property with integral garage (self build), 2 The Rise, Darras Hall, Ref. No. 22/01500/FUL

PRUDHOE: Mr Andrew Black, non-material amendment in relation to approved planning permission 21/04443/FUL. Amendment to roof design on extension at side. The roof will change from a front to back sloping gable roof, to a lean to/shed roof with a single slope away from the existing building, 2 Park Lane, Ref. No. 22/02156/NONMAT

PRUDHOE: P Taylor, part discharge of condition 29 (archaeological work part i (written scheme of investigation)) on approved application 15/03750/OUT, land south of North Row, North Row, Ref. No. 22/02105/DISCON

THROCKLEY: Mr Roger Gabriel, construction of single storey side extension to include a physiotherapy room, hydrotherapy pool, plant and store, Throckley Marsh Farm, Stamfordham Road, Ref. No. 22/02008/FUL

SLALEY: Mrs Faye Allen, proposed loft conversion with dormer windows and replacement of flat roof with pitched roof to match existing, Watch Hill, Lead Road, Ref. No. 22/02116/FUL

WALL: Mr Rueben Straker, retrospective advertisement consent for the erection of one wall mounted sign to east elevation and two wall mounted signs to south elevation to replace previous signage, Hadrian Hotel, Front Street, Ref. No. 22/02025/ADE

WARK: Mr And Mrs R Scott, detached garage, The Haven, Church Lane, Ref. No. 22/02093/FUL