A father and son have raised a large amount of money for three charities after completing a race in the Saharah

John Laws and his 17-year-old son Marcus, of Haltwhistle, have raised £3,200 for Dogs Trust, Brysons Animal Shelter and Young Minds Mental health after taking part in Marathon Des Sables in Africa.

John and Marcus flew out at the end of March to take part in the 250km foot race that takes place over six days.

John, 52, a sales director for a biometrics security company, first saw the race on the Discovery Channel after recovering from a knee surgery.

He took part in the challenge in 2007 but pulled out due to an injury and was very keen to try again.

Luckily, Marcus took an interest in the race after hearing about it from his dad which led them to take part in the competition this year.

The pair started training in January and caused a local interested in what they are doing - which they stop and explain to residents when asked.

Despite having previous experience in the challenge, unfortunately John was withdrawn by the medics at the end of day two, leaving his Marcus to finish the race.

Hexham Courant:

Speaking about the experience, John said: "It was going great until day two.

"We were hit by a sandstorm- 100km sustained winds.

"It Lasted for about 18hrs, that was a challenge!

"I was then withdrawn by the medics at the end of day 2 - I’m diabetic and collapsed at the end.

"Marcus carried on and completed the race and became the 2nd youngest ever UK participant to do so! He did very well!

"He wasn’t keen to leave me but  her went off with two other people who were in our tent.

Hexham Courant:

"The ethos of the MDS is solidarity and team work.

"It was very evident throughout the whole event.

"Marcus is delighted about completing and intends to go back to get a faster time in a couple of years

"We are thrilled to have raised £3200.00 for the three charities."