THE 184th Allendale Agricultural Show is fast approaching.

The popular event, which was established in 1839, will take place on Saturday, August 20.

A fun-filled day for the whole family, there will be horse and pony shows, as well as sheep, dogs and industrial sections.

There will also be highland games, children's rides, tug of war and quoits at the show, held at Riding Haugh in Allendale.

Trade stands can also be found.

The show as unable to go ahead as normal in 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid pandemic.

In 2019, farmer Jonathan Archer, from Spartylea, was awarded the overall champion for his Swaledale sheep against a tough line-up of competitors.

The Blackface sheep category was dominated by Angus Murray of Sewingshields, Haydon Bridge, who walked away with the Riddell Cup for Blackface Champion.

The main ring attraction, Jez Avery and his stunt show, brought cheers from the crowds of onlookers as he careered around the showfield performing wheelies, barrel rolls and two-wheeled driving.

The industrial tent was packed with home-made baked goods, jams and handicrafts. The craft baking of Marion Sloan saw her impress in multiple categories with six first place finishes, and the John and Alice Graham cup for the most points in the home baking section.

In the dressed stick categories, Peter Holland and Verity Smith both won multiple awards. The 32 equine classes took place with five awards won by Frankie Bell on Perllandu Lyrical Interlude.

Crowds were drawn to the main ring as Allendale battled it out with Haltwhistle in the annual tug of war competition. The soggy field favoured the Haltwhistle team though, as they secured the King’s Head Cup with a 2-0 win.

Do you normally visit the Allendale Show? We've taken a look back at pictures from the event in years gone by.