A FASHION show organised by a retired teacher will be held in September to support a Ugandan start-up school.

Alison Howey grew up in Zimbabwe and moved to Hexham 27 years ago.

In 2013, she volunteered in Uganda where she met Nelson Kazibwe, an aspiring teacher.

"He was 23 then and running a little school of children from the village, and I was really impressed with him because he had so much aptitude and wasn't trained in any way," she said.

He graduated in April this year from St John the Baptist Ggaba Primary Teacher's College in Kampala.

"He decided to set up a school because in the bush areas there's very little provision for children, and moved into a house with a little goat shed on the land," she said.

Hexham Courant: SHED: The goat shed before it was converted into a classroomSHED: The goat shed before it was converted into a classroom

Nelson converted the shed into a school building and held the official opening ceremony on Sunday.

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Alison is now organising a fundraiser to help Nelson buy the land.

Hexham Courant: CLASS: The converted goat shedCLASS: The converted goat shed

"My friend has done several fashion shows, it's totally out of my comfort zone but it's for a good cause and all profits will go to the school," she said.

The land costs £4,000 but Alison says even a few thousand pounds would help Nelson. "Once he owns the land, he's got much more security. You don't want him to develop the school and then the owner increases his rent," she said.

The show will be held in The Beaumont Hotel's function room, on September 14 from 6pm.

She said: "It's all second-hand, good quality clothes, aimed for all ages. I've already got loads of lovely clothes including a wedding dress.

Hexham Courant: GRADUATE: Nelson KazibweGRADUATE: Nelson Kazibwe

"There'll be a shop with jewellery, handbags, shoes and scarves to buy, all at reasonable prices. There's going to be a tombola and a raffle, and I'm hoping to pre-sell tickets."

The event will be cash only. Alison can be contacted through email to purchase a ticket at alihowey@gmail.com.

Tickets cost £10 and are numbered so everyone will get a raffle ticket.

"Nelson wants the school to be set up for girls, because in rural areas they don't have educational opportunities," said Alison.

"His longterm vision is to have a wellbeing centre with a clinic, and a creche so if the girls have babies they can continue their education."

Watch a video of the school here: