A HAIRDRESSERS to have cut through four decades has closed its doors.

Husband and wife team John and Linda Short, of John's Hairdressers, Prudhoe, are retiring after 40 years at six Front Street.

The premise will soon hit the market.

John started barbering aged 15 as an apprentice.

"John's a very popular character", said Linda, who did the books for the business. "John can talk; he said the other day, 'if I could get a million pounds for staying quiet for half an hour, I don't think I'd be able to.

"John's always had a good rapport with all the people who come in the shop; you get involved in their home life. From seeing them grow from little tots to having their own children.

"We've been on holiday numerous times over the years abroad and there's been customers. We were in a bar one time in Majorca and John said 'I recognise the back of that head' and it was a customer of his."

Linda's dad once had the back of the shop where the business is, which John and Linda rented before doing it up and taking it over. First only tending to men's hair, the shop soon moved to accommodate women too.

"It took off straight away and we've been busy ever since", added Linda, of Stocksfield.

"We've been going a long time, we're very sad to be closing.

"The girls in the shop have been amazing. They're always keen to think of ideas because we had an influx of barbers over Covid come into Prudhoe, you've got to compete. They were coming up with incentives to bring customers back in. It's all down to them the last few years that the shop's kept going."

John's three staff members - Alison, Claire and Sarah - have been with the business a combined 49 years. 

John will now try his hand at a different kind of cutting - in his garden - and will have more time to pursue his woodwork hobby. The couple is also looking forward to spending time with family and going on holiday.