An author celebrates the release of his first book in his hometown.

Chris Baber, 30, of Hexham has achieved many things in his life so far; he is an M&S consultant, was the winner of BBC's Yes Chef in 2016, and has now brought out his first cookbook 'Easy' in April.

To make the moment even more special, Chris wanted to fulfill the promise he made to his dad when he was younger.

"To see my book in a store in Hexham is when it really felt real," Chris said.

"We used to go in the book shop when I was young and I told him one day I’d have my own cookbook on the shelf and when I did I’d buy a copy with him.

"It was such a proud moment for me."

Chris has always had a passion for cooking but one family member made Chris 'fall in love' with food.

He said: "I think my grandad was a massive part of me falling in love with food.

"We would go round his house and he would always have the radio on, be singing and having fun the in kitchen.

"I think it was also enjoying the process of cooking as well as the eating."

In 2016 things started to fall into place for Chris after appearing on a TV show.

"Winning Yes Chef , felt amazing but the best part was what I put on my application form which I had to write my favourite chef.

"I wrote Atul Kocchar and he ended up being the celeb chef judge of the show.

"Following the win, he invited me to London off his own back to work in his Michelin star restaurant. I moved down 2 weeks later.

"After 6 months I realized my real passion is inspiring people to cook at home, so this led me to my work with M&S.

"In my book, I want it to build people's confidence in the kitchen and remove barriers to cooking.

"I’ve written it in everyday language and no big chef words of French or expensive ingredients."