Hexham's MP has full confidence in the Prime Minister and did not believe in 'undermining' him in a confidence vote.

Conservative MP Guy Opperman said he was supported Boris Johnson's leadership of the UK despite many of his colleagues not feeling the same - which led to a vote of confidence.

The vote of confidence was taken on June 6 (last night) and although the Prime Minister won the vote by 211 to 148, it was revealed that 40% of Tory MPs fail to back him.

Despite calling it a 'victory', Boris has lost the majority support of the 1922 committee and it leads to questioning of how long he will remain in power.

Theresa May resigned six months after winning the vote of no-confidence because she felt she had lost the support of her party.

As previously stated on numerous occasions when asked about the PM or any political situations such as Keir Starmer and 'beer gate', Mr Opperman has stated 'there are more pressing issues to focus on'.

Mr Opperman said:“I believe Government should be focusing on the issues affecting our economy, the cost of living, and the necessity of ending the war in Ukraine. I do not believe the many months associated with leadership change helps that; I do not support colleagues undermining the Prime Minister.

"The Prime Minister has my support as we collectively address these issues post covid; that means levelling up, enhanced pension saving, better education and skills and real conservative policies both to grow our economy and look after the most vulnerable in our society.”