A first-time body builder is thrilled to have 'done well' in a class he would not have normally competed in.

Fitness instructor Simon Newton, 49, of Hexham, has become more confident in himself and has succeeded his own expectations in his second body-builder competition.

Simon competed in Master's over 45 rather than over 45 athletics, which was a different category from his first ever competition in Cumbria where he won first place.

Despite not getting the same placement, Simon is pleased with the results and his work.

"It was a great experience, even though it was in a category which I would not of normally done," Simon said.

"I competed in Master's over 45 rather than over 45 athletics like last time so it was bigger bodybuilders in that age category and athletics tall which is all ages. I came fourth.

"I was thrilled to be placed so I am really happy with the result.

"I entered the competition not expecting anything. I was only doing it for more stage experience for Britain finals which is next week."

Simon will be competing in the British finals which will take place at Fed brewery in Gateshead on Sunday, June 12.