A cake maker has created a realistic corgi cake to celebrate the historic moment in Uk history and is now looking for a home for it.

Graeme Venus, 48 , owner of Sticky Sponge is hoping to either giveaway a corgi cake he made for the Queen's 70th Platninum Jubilee or to auction it to raise money for Ukraine.

As Graeme made it for a specific celebration - he wishes it to be given to someone or a group in the next day or so for any jubilee party.

Graeme is known for his creative side as he previously created the Hadrian's Wall cake and a deer cake for the NHS.

He said: "I made it as a to celebrate the queens jubilee and create something that reflected the celebration.

"I thought it would be nice to give this to someone or a group that would enjoy it and give them an extra special day.

"Alternatively I also thought if it was possible to raise some money for a good cause and do something for those who need extra help that would be amazing to.

"I am still trying to find anyone for the cake and to be honest not sure how to auction it off at the moment but it would have been nice for someone to have it for celebrations tomorrow."

Everything on the cake is edible, as the corgi and cushion are sculpted from cake and covered with Saracino modelling chocolate.

Additionally, the Union Jack and crown are sculpted from sugar.

The cake will be able to last for a few days as he made it earlier in the week.