A HAYDON Bridge student is reflecting on his first year in business.

Cole Glover started Upcite in his university library during the Covid-19 pandemic with the aim of inspiring creativity and reducing landfill.

Upcite is a marketplace for buying and selling upcycled goods. People can either buy refurbished goods or project pieces – unwanted or damaged furniture - to do up.

During college, Cole would buy and sell furniture as a hobby and after working in hotels, saw the amount of furniture that goes to waste.

“It’s my baby”, said Cole, who is in his second year of studying business and finance at Lancaster University. “I set out so people could sell their item and get a bit of cash from them and they can become a creative project, saving things going to the skip.

“I love creativity and it’s also an opportunity to help the environment."      

Users of Upcite can be professionals or hobbyists, and Cole is now working with businesses and charities to promote upcycling. He is also in touch with schools to encourage sustainability.

“There’s lots of people trading furniture”, said Cole. “ I am trying to connect the local people selling furniture and turning that into a more creative aspect.

“We’re we stand out is that you can get pieces already quirky, already done up, or if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you can try it yourself.”

There are tutorials available on Upcite for people who’d like to learn how to upcycle.

Hexham Courant:

Cole added: “People are becoming more aware of what they could do with things they wouldn’t necessarily reuse.

“The biggest thing is getting unique things that you wouldn’t find before. Every piece of furniture is hand painted, unique, it’s a statement. It’s getting that unique, quirky item for your home that you wouldn’t get from the likes of Ikea, it’s a standout piece.

“It’s more than furniture, it has a story.”

Hexham Courant: