A couple is hoping to have a bungalow ready for a Ukrainian family to live in once their UK visas have been approved.

Philantripolists Linda and Tony Beck, with volunteers of Allendale, have set themselves the challenge of preparing an abandoned bungalow for the arrival of a family of four including a son with mobility issues.

The couple is the driving force behind 'Allendale Valleys Help for Ukraine' and were grateful to be donated the bungalow for one year by the owner until the council rehomes them.

"We have spoken to the family and shown them the bungalow - to which they seem very excited about," Linda said.

"We will be welcoming a mother and two grandparents with a little boy who is very excitable and speaks a little bit of English.

"They have been through so much and had to leave their house with nothing but the clothes on their back.

"They came from a rural area so the bungalow in Allendale is perfect for them.

"We aim to have vegetable patches and a chicken run for them to help them settle in."

Earlier in the month, Tony led two successful trips in which he dropped off supplies at the Polish border and Linda has returned from helping at the Ukraine border with lovebristol at a humanitarian aid centre.

The pair have paused their jobs and future trips due to the work needed in preparing the bungalow.

Tony said: "We know our plans are very ambitious for the bungalow but we have a bit of time to spare as the family we are helping has just applied for their VISA - which will take some time.

"We have amazing volunteers helping when they can and we have local businesses.

"We are not shocked by everyone helping - as this community helps each other out all the time.

"In the upcoming few weeks, we still need a lot more doing and would welcome any local businesses who can help with carpets, electricians, and more.

"Please get in contact via our Facebook page if you can help."