A CHARITY will begin hosting a classical music event again after it was cancelled due to the Covid pandemic.

After two years of cancellations Tynedale Hospice at Home will start holding a classical music concert showcasing Durufle's Requiem which will take place at St Mary's Church in Hexham next month in aid of the local charity.

The fundraising concert, called Music for Reflection, is part of a series of music events organised by long-serving Tynedale Hospice at Home volunteer Glenn Davies, with all proceeds raised to support the charity.

Glenn first became involved with Tynedale Hospice at Home in 2012 when he conducted Hexham Orpheus Choir in a fundraising concert in Corbridge. 

Since then, he has helped to raise more than £10,000 for the Hospice and has spent six years as a Volunteer Driver for the charity's Patient Transport Service.

Passionate about supporting the local cause, Glenn said: "Bringing terminally ill patients to and from their hospital appointments, I realised how invaluable the Hospice's services are for the whole of Tynedale. Funding from the NHS is strictly limited, and the charity is crucially dependent on self-generated income."

The popular music concert will take place on Saturday, June 11, at 7.30pm at St Mary's Church in Hexham.

The concert will feature sequences of short pieces by Handel, Sibelius, Stanford, Parry and Saint-Saens.

Delighted to be leading this year's classical music event, Glenn explained: "This year's concert will be a wonderful blend of drama and serenity. A picked choir from Antiphon, the Chorus of the Royal Northern Sinfonia, Northern Praeclassica and other capable groups will be joined by Michael Haynes, Director of Music at Hexham Abbey and a small group of instrumentalists."

Tickets are £15 per person and are available to purchase on Tynedale Hospice at Home's website, www.tynedalehospice.com, or can be bought on the door on the evening of the concert.