A HEXHAM woman is remembering the Queen's Coronation as excitement builds for Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Pauline McLaren, 77, of Hewson Court, was living in the Chalke Valley in Wiltshire on Coronation Day.

And then nine-year-old Pauline had a starring role.

"It was an experience like no other," she said. 

“A village fete was held in a field on Chalke Pyt that belonged to the Major and Mrs Jeans.

"A float had been organised by the local Women’s Institute that my mother was a part of. It was made up of King Henry 8th, his six wives and myself, as Princess Elizabeth, was the star attraction.

“As Princess Elizabeth, I sat at the front of the float waving to people as we passed by. They wanted to dye my hair auburn to look like Princess Elizabeth, but my Gran said no.

“After the parade, all the children lined up to receive our Coronation mugs from Mrs Jeans. After many years of taking care of my mug, it is now with my niece and goddaughter in Canada.

“Later that year, I was also lucky enough be given a Coronation tea set for my birthday. It was rather small but my gran and I often had tea and cake with the settings - memories which I hold close to my heart. The tea set also now has a good home in Canada.”

Pauline and husband Tom moved to the McCarthy Stone development in October last year after relocating from Scotland. 

Homeowners at Hewson Court will welcome local retirees, friends and families to the development on Friday, May 27 for a range of traditionally British sandwiches and cakes to mark the occasion. Attendees will also be entertained with live music from local singer and pianist Lauren Barnes.

“Many of the residents here remember the Queen’s Coronation all those 70 years ago, so the event will be an opportunity for us all to get together, share stories and remember times gone by", added Pauline. 

“I’ve bought a new dress especially for the occasion, it’s a navy blue number with white polka dots. I’m sure we’ll be enjoying plenty of cake and watching Her Majesty and Prince Charles on television. We are very fond of the older royals in particular.”