A businessman has reflected on the success of his truffle shop reaching its first birthday after opening during the end of the pandemic.

Philip Weddle, 41, owner of Coffuffle, a handmade Belgian Chocolate Truffles shop on 3 Jubilee Buildings, Middle Street, Corbridge, estimates he has made approximately 28,500 treats for tourists and residents of the town.

Philip opened 'Coffuffle' in May 2021 and believed Corbridge was perfect for the business as he wanted to bring something new to the village.

"After considering a few different locations, Corbridge seemed the best option," he said.

"The village has a nice relaxed feel about it as well as benefiting from the visitors to the village for various reasons; tourists, cyclists, walkers, shoppers.

"It is also fairly easy to commute early in the morning."

When asked about asked why a truffle shop - the self-taught hobbyist chocolatier said: "I have a background in the hospitality industry and Corbridge has its fair share of lovely places to have ‘tea and a sandwich’ and wanted to offer something a little different.

"With a love for good coffee and enthusiasm for chocolate, having been a hobbying chocolatier for the last six years, I thought this combination of chocolate and coffee would be a worthy idea to pursue and over the last year has proven to be a good choice.

"Although the shop quietly opened amongst the uncertainty in the industry with Covid restrictions starting to ease and whilst this has been challenging, the folk of Corbridge and surrounding areas have been incredibly supportive and have made Coffuffle a bustling must-stop for both locals and tourists alike."

Philip adds: “I’m really proud of what we’ve managed to achieve in our first year"

"I love being part of the Corbridge community and I’m looking forward to lots of adventures in coffee and truffles in the years ahead."

Coffuffle now offers a UK Mainland delivery service from their website www.Coffufle.co.uk and updates on what’s happening at Coffuffle on Instagram and Facebook.