With majestic looks and a certain rarity value, the Genesis G70 Shooting Brake has the ability to turn heads.

From all angles, this relative newcomer to the UK marketplace is an aesthetically pleasing and visually intriguing machine.

Pronounced creases in the bodywork, the quirky 'Quad Lamps' light signature and a gorgeous angular rear spoiler are among the highlights.

Hexham Courant: The Genesis G70 Shooting Brake on test in West Yorkshire

But it's the overall effect of the elegant silhouette and its sweeping roofline that really stands out. Most cars look better as saloons. The G70 makes for a more handsome estate, in my view.

The low-set imposing grille at the front combines superbly with those slim split headlights.

The car's athletic face is further enhanced by a heavily sculpted bonnet, which features two very prominent creases towards the middle and two lesser ridges off to the sides.

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Viewed from behind the wheel through the windscreen, the significant dip in the centre of the bonnet adds a bit of theatre to the outlook on the road ahead.

The Shooting Brake's sporty credentials are reaffirmed by the red Brembo brake callipers peeping out from behind the alloys, while that wonderful floating-style spoiler completes the look.

Hexham Courant: The Genesis G70 Shooting Brake on test in West Yorkshire

Judged on appearance alone, this offering from Hyundai's luxury arm is a car that could win over a good proportion of people seeking a mid-size premium estate.

The engine options are a 241bhp 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol and a 2.2-litre diesel with 197bhp, with the latter tested here. Both are equipped with an eight speed automatic gearbox.

Acceleration is smooth but far from blistering, with the diesel engine not feeling quite so punchy as the official 0-62mph time of 7.7 seconds might suggest. You're left with the feeling that it could just do with being a second quicker getting to 62mph.

Once up to speed, though, the Shooting Brake handles superbly and feels nicely balanced.

Hexham Courant: The luxury estate is eye-catching from all angles The luxury estate is eye-catching from all angles

The quick steering combines well with the rear-driven chassis to offer a nimble and sporty drive.

To achieve those engaging driving dynamics, Genesis has set up the G70 with firm suspension - a trait that remains largely unchanged even when you switch off sport mode.

The interior is plush and pleasant, but a bit restricted when it comes to space in the rear.

Up front, the ergonomics are good, with a cockpit that's designed with the driver at its heart.

The comfy seats are enlivened visually by red contrast stitching, while the bright red seatbelts also add a dash of drama.

Hexham Courant: The interior is stylish but a little cramped in the backThe interior is stylish but a little cramped in the back

There's also some fancy chrome around the door handles, but you'll eventually look beyond the initial razzle dazzle and notice some lesser quality materials dotted around, including dark scratchy plastics in the lower sections of the doors.

The infotainment system is up there with the best in class, with crystal clear graphics and good response times.

In terms of rear space, you'd certainly struggle to fit a six foot passenger behind a driver of similar height, while the sloping roofline that lends the car such an attention-grabbing look also eats into back seat headroom.

A lengthy press on the key fob opens the boot, which has a long and flat appearance - with a fair amount of width and length but not so much depth.

Hexham Courant: The Genesis G70 Shooting Brake on test in West Yorkshire

It's 40 per cent larger than that found on the G70 saloon, but its shallow nature means there's just 403 litres of capacity - considerably smaller than most rivals in this segment.

That said, it's worth nothing that the rear seat can be folded at a ratio of 4:2:4, which adds a bit more flexibility to an interior that is, in other key respects, not the most practical.

In conclusion, it's a car that provides the kind of visual presence and engaging handling capabilities to give established rivals food for thought, although buyers must be prepared to compromise on interior space and out-and-out pace.

The Lowdown

Genesis G70 Shooting Brake Sport Line

PRICE: £41,430
ENGINE:2.2 turbo diesel, developing 197bhp and 440Nm
TRANSMISSION: Eight-speed auto, rear-wheel drive
MAX SPEED:140 mph
0-62MPH: 7.7 seconds
ECONOMY: 40.7mpg and emissions of 182g/km