AROUND £1,500 has been raised after a charity fundraiser in memory of a Prudhoe teenager.

Former Prudhoe High School pupil Adam Johnson took his own life on November 19, 2021 - just three weeks shy of his 20th birthday.

Adam was a 'typical' teenage boy - who would sometimes even make his mum a cuppa - but he was also a loyal friend and enjoyed pool and football.

He had just found out he had been offered a new job when he died.


Adam struggled with substance abuse but had been receiving support.

A pool tournament and raffle on May 1 saw money raised for Papyrus - a charity which supports young people feeling suicidal and grieving families - and sought to raise awareness of men's mental health.

The fundraiser at Prudhoe Snooker Club was supported by local businesses and people.

"It's exceeded all our expectations", said mum Sharron Cooke. "Roll on the next fundraiser in December."

Sharron wished to publicly thank everybody involved and urged people to seek support if they were struggling.

Adam's family previously told the Courant that they believed stigma and beliefs of a macho culture stop boys from seeking help.

Because Adam was over 18, his family only found out some details of his mental health after a coroner's report was released.

Sharron and her husband Phil told the Courant families should have more input when there's a life in danger and that some young people were not capable of making the right decisions.

They also said early education was needed to encourage people to openly discuss their feelings and that it's okay to feel down, inadequate or whatever else they may be feeling to ultimately, safe lives.