LOCAL musicians are being sought to play new event nights at a popular coffee shop.

Caffe Ginevra, which has an outlet on Prudhoe Front Street, has had its alcohol licence approved for its larger unit at Tyne View Retail Park, also in the town.

The 'proper' coffee shop also now has a music licence and is preparing to host events.

"The idea is there might be people who've missed going to live events but they're a little bit apprehensive still about large crowds", said owner Anthony Finn, who runs the business with wife Amy.

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"The nature of our licence is that we have to run it like a licensed restaurant. If we do a music event, we'd have to control the numbers. It wouldn't be like a concert.

"The culture's changed a bit. We've noticed since we've reopened we haven't had as many busy nights as what we did have. Nothing has really changed - other than the rest of the world.

"As much as some people can't wait to get back out, you've got to remember a lot of people set their gardens up. Instead of just opening our doors on a Friday and Saturday evening and saying 'right we're doing cocktails', you've got to give something else."

The retail park premises, which opened in January last year, boasts a large outdoor space.

"As soon as it's nice outside, the first thing that anyone in England says is 'let's go to a beer garden or try and sit outside for food'", said Maddie Langdon, the evening supervisor. "As soon as the sun's out, you're in it for as long as you can."

Maddie joined the Ginevra team almost a year ago and will work closely with Anthony and Amy to plan events, which will be family-friendly with a relaxed feel.

She added: "We would vary what we do - acoustic, quiz nights, to cater to everyone - but not all at once."

The business, which opened nine years ago in April, has also reinvested in a Piaggio coffee van to cater for events across the North-East. 

Any artists interested should contact: info@caffeginevra.co.uk