A coach is proud of his under 9s and under 11s teams who represented their village's football club in a tournament.

Haydon Bridge Under 9 and Under 11 teams got the chance to represent their town in a tournament at Flamingo Land on Saturday, April 30, and Sunday, May, 1.

The trip was organized by one of the coaches, Gavin Boyd, who has played for Haydon Bridge Football club since he was eight and has been a coach for the team for four years.

The two teams played against teams from all over the country and the under 9s won a trophy for being the Best Sporting Team.

At the end of the tournament, they all received a medal for taking part which was presented by Ex-footballer Dominic Mateo.

Coach Gavin Boyd said: "We got involved in the competition by myself looking online to see what was around for teams to compete in. 

"It was a great event and there were 23 players altogether, along with their families of over 90 people.

"Both teams did really well and I was bursting with pride with how they played despite not being in a tournament competing against teams they would never play against.

"I know from experience of playing in a team how these competitions 

"It was a great experience for them to have plus a little bit of fun when they were done as they got to go on rides afterward."