A council has promised residents that payments of a tax rebate will be paid 'as soon as possible'.

Northumberland County Council has announced that The Council Tax Energy rebate will be paid to around 135,000 households in Northumberland from the week commencing April 25.

As part of its targeted response to rising energy bills, the government introduced the £150 council tax rebate and lowered council tax costs that will not rise for the majority of people, including those on the lowest incomes. Additionally, residents will see a £200 reduction in energy bills from this October.


Although around the UK residents have been given a rebate, Northumberland County Council is still one of the councils yet to pay residents.

A spokesman for the council said: "This is a considerable task and staff are working hard to ensure the payments made are accurate and the correct verification processes are in place.
"The first payments will start to be issued this week commencing 25 April to Direct Debit payers and this will continue over the coming weeks.

"Information for those who don't pay by Direct Debit and therefore need to provide their details for payment to be made will be on the Council's website as soon as possible."