A couple was thrilled to finally have their family attend their big day after being forced to change their wedding date several times because of Covid.

Astronomer and photographer Wil Cheung and Hospitality worker Janette Cheng first met on Facebook on a community group.

The pair found that they had lots of interests in common as they began to interact with each other through their posts in the group.

After several conversations on the posts, they decided to get to know each other more through private messages.

Since then the relationship bloomed and the pair have been inseparable. A few years later, Wil knew he wanted to propose to Janette but decided to keep Janette in suspense about when it was going to happen.

"We were on holiday in Hong Kong and South Korea, and I wanted to propose a few times but last-minute bottled it," Wil said,

"Until eventually, the perfect moment came as we were on one of the Islands of Hong Kong, Lantau Island, the Sun was setting it was stunning.

"I pointed at it Jan turned to look and when she looked down at me, I was on my knee ready to propose.

"She couldn’t believe it as during the trip I hinted that I wasn’t ready yet to be married."

The couple originally planned to get married on September 19 in 2019 which changed to 2020, however, little did the couple know that this would not be the last time the date would be changed.

"After we booked the wedding in June, Covid struck so we had to change it to August 8 of that year but once again things got delayed and we ended losing deposits at certain venues," Janette said.

"Disheartened, we didn’t want to process unless we could have at least our families in attendance, we waited and waited and then decided In January 2022 to go ahead with a date which was Tuesday, April 26.

"For fear of losing more money with cancellations again, we ended up planning the majority of the day with days to go."

Finally, after years of waiting and a few days of planning the big day, Wil and Janette married at Hexham Abbey on April 26.

Janette said: "The guests were family only and we used the sanctuary in the Abbey, so it was a very special intimate service.

"Our wedding was typically more British as a ceremony with a bible reading and hymns but we made sure to include some Chinese traditions.

This included a Chinese wedding dress for Janette and a very special Tea Ceremony which involved serving tea to our elders and a way for the family to formally welcome me to the family."

"The best moment of the day was having the organist blast the wedding march as we walked down the aisle as a newly wedding couple after years of waiting for the day to happen.

"We are hoping to visit New Zealand for our honeymoon later on the year, as it is somewhere we have not been."