A PUB in Great Whittington has been taken over by new leaseholders.

The Queen's Head has been taken over by business partners David Finn and Isaac Parr, who both previously worked in hospitality venues before David switched to the IT industry and Isaac worked in project management.

David said: "The Queen's Head will be a 'family and friends' run pub and restaurant. We aim to bring a sense of community, coupled with a great atmosphere and great food to the area that we love. Our fantastic chef is excited to access local producers to the bring best to our customers."

Documents were signed and keys handed over on Friday, April 22, and refurbishments will commence this week (beginning May 3).


Hexham Courant: PUB: The Queen's Head in Great Whittington. Image: Parr and Finn Ltd.PUB: The Queen's Head in Great Whittington. Image: Parr and Finn Ltd.

The pair have called the area home for more than a decade. David managed the pubs Twice Brewed and The Heart of Northumberland, while Isaac also worked at the Twice Brewed.

As The Queen's Head is a leasehold pub, David and Isaac want to offer a career path for their team that is not limited to one building or one option.

David said they have a rigorous refurbishment plan which aims to have the pub open by the Queen's Jubilee. 

Their talented head chef Lewis Eglintine trained in Lyon under chef Pierre Orsi prior to the pandemic.

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David and Isaac have consistently reached out to the community, built contacts with local suppliers and know the community is itching to get the pub back.

"It's a great mixed bag, from the young to the old," said David.

"There's been so much of a change in the demographic since the pandemic.

"They were worried about the likes of a chain taking over the pub but we've been speaking to them since day one, and it's been enlightening to speak to them.

"The building itself is beautiful but we want to give it a bit of a facelift inside, take it back to the bare bones with a modern twist. We want to put in light woods, give it a light airy feel, but not lose the traditional atmosphere, and bring it back to where it should've been in the first place." 

David and Isaac are keen to take an ethical and sustainable approach to running the pub, and balance their focus between good taste, local produce, and good customer service.