A hospitality manager is feeling positive for a busy tourist season which he hopes will help the business and others in town 'fight back' after Covid.

Kevin Laing, manager of The Angel of Corbridge, is looking forward to welcoming guests in the upcoming months as he finds bookings are already filling up after a couple of difficult years of Covid.

Mr Laing became the manager of the business in 2011 and has more than 30 years of experience in hospitality. He believes Covid and post-Covid have been one of the most challenging tasks he has faced but can see some light at the end of the tunnel.

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"Although things are returning back to normal it does not feel like it just quite yet but we have just got to fight and carry on," he said.

"Now after Covid there are other issues we must face such as electricity, gas prices and even food prices such as fish.

"Although we are facing these issues we have made sure that we maintain our high standards and never compromise them."

To carry on the success, he believes adaption is key but so is knowing the customers who visit the town.

He said: "All the shops and pubs in Corbridge are feeling the pinch but I think it is important that we all adapt and help each other.

"Visitors come to Corbridge for shopping which then they often visit pubs for lunch or dinner or vice versa they come for food then look around the shops.

"We have taken note of who visits the town, which is mostly dog walkers, so we have made the executive decision to make our dining areas more dog friendly. It has been a welcomed idea by our visitors.

"We have even made six of our bedrooms dog-friendly- ready for the summer and we have also just opened up an outside seating area where guests can feel more confident to be if they are still concerned about being close to others."

"We are still learning and adapting but I feel positive that we are slowly getting there."