A family is continuing to 'keep three loved ones' memory alive' by planting sunflower seeds - 20 years after the car incident which took their lives.

Shelley Murray-Hill, of Hexham, and her family are making sure the family's newest generation remembers their family members who were involved in a tragedy on the A69 road on April 27, 2002.

Shelley was 20-years-old at the time of the crash which claimed the lives of her brother Kelvin Murray-Hill and family members Philip, and Bob Kennedy.

After the incident, it was found a sunflower had been left behind by Kelvin.

His family planted the seeds from the first year of the anniversary of the family member's death. 

And now, twenty years later, the family is planting the 20th generation seed of the original sunflower. They give the sunflowers to friends to remember Kelvin, Philip, and Bob.

"They've been spread far and wide as friends and family take and plant seeds," Shelley said.

"We try to make it a family affair by involving Kelvin's nieces and nephews and now even great-nephew. Kelvin only met one nephew, Jack, who was one-years-old when Kelvin passed and is also now a father.

"We find that it's a nice way to bring into conversation Uncle Kelvin and grandad Philip to Nate.
"The sunflower seeds always get planted around this time of year, either on the anniversary of Kevin's birthday in May. 

"We feel that by keeping the tradition going it feels like we are nurturing something he left on this earth, keeping alive his spirit and memory."

As well as keeping the tradition of planting the sunflower seeds, the family is finding other ways to remember their loved ones.

Shelley said: "Jordan, Philip's son, who lost his cousin, dad, and brother all in one day when he was three, started his own Tree Surgery company. It is the same career as his dad and took in his dad's nickname.

"Jordan has also had a son, Nate, who looks like the Kennedys, so we see Philip in them every day."