A parent is raising money for her son's nursery by walking 96 miles in seven days on the West Highlands walk challenge.

Pharmacy dispenser Amie Graham,34, of Greenhead is walking 96 miles in September for seven days for 'The Rainbow Nursery' in Greenhead, a charity nursery that her son attends.

Speaking about the importance of raising the money for the nursery, Amie said: "I have always wanted to do the west highland way as I love walking and I love the highlands so I thought why not raise some money while I’m at it!"

"Greenhead nursery is a charity funded nursery so I want to raise as much money for them as possible, we are so lucky to have such a lovely safe place for our little ones to go in our little village and we don’t want to loose that."

So far Amy has been doing a couple of walks to keep fit , although it is not as much as she would like to do.

"Having a three-year-old means I can’t get out as much as I’d like, so I have been doing some shorter walks on a night time when my son has gone to bed," She says.

"I can’t wait for the challenge ahead, im really looking forward to it, I’m actually excited!"

"My Mam and my auntie Jill are going to be my chaperones, although my mam is hoping she can walk with me.

"We will be traveling up in my aunties caravan and I will be getting picked up every night, getting my head down for a good nights sleep and carrying on the next morning."

Amie has raised £947 from friends, family and local shops. She has also recieved a donation of £1000 from  Haltwhistle's Cllr Terry Christie and owner of the Manor House in Haltwhistle.

Beverly Barwick who runs the nursery said: "Amie is amazing for taking on the challenge. I am so pleased that she is raising money for our nursery, which we will spend on a new outside area playground for the children."