A bride and groom managed to plan and arrange a wedding in three and a half weeks to ensure that the bride's mum could attend the big day after being diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer.

Jennie Rosby, 41, and Jonathon Scott,32 first met seven years ago at Vercelli in Hexham. Jonathon used his charm to persuade Jennie to go on a date after talking on Facebook after they met.

The pair were inseparable and a few years later after meeting, during the pandemic, Jonathan decided it was time to propose.

Jonathan said: "The children were there to help me propose to Jennie and after she said 'yes' we all celebrated with a special dinner and champagne."

The pair had not set a date for their wedding until they received news about the bride's mum which had made them spring into action to set one.

"Jennie's Mum was sadly diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer in February, so it was important to Jennie's Mum and Jennie that she was able to attend on her special day," Jonathon said.

"Thankfully, Horton Grange in Ponteland had Sunday, March 27 available, which was Mothers Day, so it seemed the perfect day for the ceremony."

After three and a half weeks of planning, Jennie and Jonathon's wedding day finally arrived. The venue was able to make special arrangements for an outdoor ceremony in less than 24 hours for the pair.

"They made sure everything was perfect and ran smoothly, as we did not have time to plan all the fine details, as they just filled in the gaps and created our perfect day,"Jenny said.

"The day was perfect and I got to wear my dream dress.

"Sadly my Mum was in hospital and missed the appointment to try on dresses but our son Luke attended with me in her place. There wasn’t enough time to order a dress but I’d seen some of the new Vera Wang collection by promos on line and the shop had just received their samples from the collection.

"I persuaded the owner to let me try on one of the dresses.

"Once I tried it I knew it was 'the dress' .The owner rang the rep to try and see if there was one somewhere in the world in my size that could be express shipped but there wasn’t so she gave me the sample dress I was wearing that she had waited 9 months to receive."

The pair said 'I do' in front of 60 guests and had a wedding breakfast at 2pm and an evening reception at 5pm.

Jennie said: "The nighttime ceremony was amazing with a lot of entertainment for the adults and children but our best man thirteen-year-old son Luke was the star of the day as he delivered a funny and heartwarming speech that he wrote himself. We then enjoyed a cake which was made by a family friend, Iris Pierce.

"Although we did not have a honeymoon after the wedding, we are looking to go later in the year."