A sci-museum owner was thrilled to see a review of a documentary about his museum in one of his favorite childhood magazines.

Neil Cole, 41, of Allendale, was star-struck to find a review about the documentary of his museum 'The Classic Museum of Sci-fi' on Dr Who on Display in Starburst magazine, a magazine he loved to read as a child.

Starburst is a British science-fiction magazine published by Starburst Magazine Limited. It contains news, interviews, features, and reviews of genre material in various media, including TV, film, soundtracks, multimedia, books, and comics books.

"When I was about 8 years old, alongside my copies of 'Spider-Man Weekly', 'Doctor Who Weekly' and '2000AD', my Dad would sometimes pick me up a copy of 'Starburst' Magazine...which at the time was the only Science Fiction genre magazine that was available at your local newsagents," Neil said.

"I knew about the magazine because it was a 'Marvel' title - and hence was advertised in their sister publications (DW Weekly, etc) and hence could look out for it!

"I still have my well-read early issues in a precious binder in my SF library. In a pre-DVD/VHS world, 'Starburst' gave you an incredible insight into what movies were coming and behind the scenes of their makings.

"To think that a video that I have been heavily involved in would be reviewed in the pages of the magazine decades later truly humbles me."