A DRUNK woman who threatened a police officer in Penrith has been left with a court bill of almost £200.

Amy Winskill, 31, who had earlier admitted being drunk and disorderly on the evening of November 23 last year, told Carlisle’s Rickergate court that she was now seeking help for her alcohol issue.

Prosecutor George Shelley said police were called to Penrith town centre after members of the public raised concern. “She was drunk and would not leave the area,” said the prosecutor.

“She continued to be behave in a disorderly manner, shouting and swearing towards the police officers.”

Despite being given several warnings, the defendant refused to either calm down or do what she was told. “She said she was going to punch the officer in the face,” added Mr Shelley.

The officer felt that he had no choice but to arrest her.

The court heard that Winskill, of Springfield Road, Hexham, had accepted a caution for the offence but then breached the conditions of this and so she was brought back to court.

From the dock of the court, the defendant said she had missed appointments with a support service because she was in custody. She said she was now working with the service.

The defendant said: “I’ve been suffering from alcohol for a lot of years and I want to cut down on it and not be as violent and angry.”

District Judge John Temperley noted that the defendant had threatened a police officer and had similar matters on her criminal record.

He fined Winskill £80, with £85 costs and a £34 victim surcharge.