A NEW patented health product produced in Haltwhistle has been launched on Amazon.

Recocoa creates healthy lifestyle products such as breakfast toppers and lifestyle bars, produced from cacao sourced in Central America.

The businesses’ latest creation, Engine Heart Fuel, has been launched on Amazon.

Manufactured in Haltwhistle factories, Colin Francis, owner and founder of Recocoa, said there is plenty of economic potential in local communities.

“There’s strong economic potential to manufacture in Haltwhistle. Innovation and patents are important in rural locations because they create job opportunities,” he said.

Recocoa launched Engine Heart Fuel to solve the growing issues of increasing numbers of people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease associated with modern living.

Pure cacao has health benefits, such as reducing blood pressure and the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

The products also target neurodegenerative and digestive problems caused by influences of modern living.

Cacao has been proven to reduce the risk of Alzheimers, through breaking down the build up of plaque on the brain.

In 1998, the company began working on how to make pure cacao, and in 2008 focussed on the functional and medical benefits of pure cacao.

In 2016, Harrods and Selfridges started selling Recocoa’s Arawak Pure Cacao brand, before the UK patent was granted in 2018.

The company applied for USA and European patents in 2019.

Engine Heart Fuel is available in both powder form, which can be added to yogurt, smoothies and porridge, and in lifestyle bars. “Recocoa has patented a unique flavanol based technology and proprietary manufacturing process which preserves and protects the valuable nutrients that exist naturally within pure cacao,” he said.

The business claims Engine Heart Fuel is the first of its kind.

“The first functional breakfast toppers and lifestyle bars, totally plant based, which benefits the heart and mind,” Kevin Wilson, one of Recocoa’s board members, said.

The 380g powder pouch will be joined on Amazon by a 200g and 150g version.

Recocoa’s range of products are organic, vegan, gluten and dairy free, and are rich in protein and nutrients.

“They are the first products with 200mg of cocoa flavanols meeting the European Health Claim (EFSA) threshold for contributing to the normal blood circulation by maintaining the elasticity of the blood vessels,” Kevin said.

The production method ensures the product retains all the nutritional benefits that the process of creating chocolate destroys.

Some of the benefits associated with pure cacao include improved blood flow, lowered cholesterol, improved brain functionality, alleviating symptoms of depression, antibacterial properties and improving immune system function.

It’s also been linked to strengthening teeth and improving overall skin condition.