Councillors thanks person for returning a missing defibrillator and for 'doing the right thing'.

A missing defibrillator that was situated outside a cafe at Riverside Park in Prudhoe, has been returned after it had been used in an emergency three months ago and failed to be put back in its case.

Prudhoe councillors are delighted that it has been returned after several pleas asking for it to be returned via Facebook, commenting that police had been notified of its disappearance.

Although it has been 'missing' for three months, when asked about the missing defibrillator, Police stated that it had not been officially reported as 'stolen' or 'missing'.

If there were no sign of the defibrillator coming back, Prudhoe County Cllr Angie Scotth had offered to replace the defibrillator, but soon after the offer was announced it was returned.

Prudhoe Town Cllr Chris Barrett said’ I am delighted to report following my appeal online and in the press the missing defibrillator has now been returned, a few ancillary items will be needed before it goes back into use, I thank whoever returned it for doing the right thing’.