An established author claims his tenth book has 'something for everyone' ahead of book launch at a local pub.

Dr Kevin Hilton, 61,  of Newbrough, near Hexham, is celebrating publishing his tenth novel the 'Night Porter' which will be launched at the Red Lion, in Newbrough, at 8pm, on Thursday, April 14.

Dr Kevin Hilton is a former Northumbria University researcher and began writing for his own pleasure more than 30 years ago. 

He decided to try and publish his work a decade ago and started looking for an agent and publisher for his sci-fi crime novels. 

Dr Hilton said: “I started writing for myself but like any writer you eventually want your work published for a wider audience. 

“The key to successful writing is determination both in finishing your script and getting it published. 

“So receiving one or two rejection letters wasn’t going to stop me and I eventually went down the self-publishing route with Amazon as my shop window. 

“And here I am now, ten books in so I must be doing something right.”

Dr Hilton, who worked at the university for 24 years is now looking forward to the publication of Night Porter. 

The 'Night Porter' is the latest in the interlinked series of books that, although set in a fictional future, has an uncanny likeness to challenges in modern society as underfunded police forces and security services struggle to cope with rising crime. 

In the novel, there are strong female protagonists who step in to join the fight against crime as part of a network of organized vigilantes but Dr Hilton - who completed a PhD in innovation psychology in 2000 - stresses that there is something in there for everyone. 

He said: “The books cover sci-fi and crime but there is also a lot of humour, albeit a bit dark.

"All of Dr Hilton novels are available in Kindle and paperback format on Amazon.

Despite this being his tenth novel and he insists this latest book will not be the last one.

He said: "I love writing so why would I give it up?”