A COUNCILLOR is hoping that a missing defibrillator will be found and returned to a park after it has been missing for three months.

Prudhoe Town Cllr Chris Barrett hopes that a defibrillator, which is normally found at the Riverside Park in Prudhoe, will be returned after it has been missing for three months after it was used in an emergency.

Cllr Chris Barrett said: "This defib has been missing from its cabinet at the Riverside Park for three months.

"It was used in a genuine emergency but we believe the user then took it home and kept it.

"The police are now involved.

"If you have the defib or know of its whereabouts please contact us or return it immediately. Imagine how you would feel if someone dies because they didn’t have access to the defib which you have stolen.

"Please do the right thing and return it."