A man is 'lighting the road to safety' with a light product he created that goes on the back of vehicles when reversing.

Paul Robbie, 50, of Hexham, is the product designer and creator of 'Reversee', a light that goes on the back of vehicles and lights up the area that is 'unseeable' during the night when drivers try to reverse.

Paul has been self-employed for 22 years and is the owner of 'Paul Robbie Motor Services' in Hexham.

It was at work where Paul came up with the idea of 'Reversee'.

"I came up with the idea three years ago when customers were asking if we could make their reverse lights brighter," Paul said.

"I looked for months for a neat tidy universal damage-free fix but I found nothing.

"I then made a prototype for my own car and from that ended up where we are now."

"It can be fitted below or above the number plate and is amazing not only brighter but the spread of light means you can see up the sides of the car in your side mirrors.

"You can see a good 10 metres and with a reverse camera, it allows the camera to see further and in colour rather than black and white."

On Thursday of last week, the Reversee website went live and Paul has been overwhelmed with the response.

Paul said: "I have sold only a handful and currently fitted ten locally but so far they have all raved about it and since the launch night, we have had loads of questions asked about it.

"I am proud to say that it is all manufactured in the UK, mostly North East companies.

"We have had loads of support and we even received a funding grant from the Newcastle University. We have also applied for a patent for the product as well."