A TOWN councillor is calling for improved safe walking routes around Prudhoe schools.

Coun. Tracy Gilmore is campaigning for greater road safety around Highfield Lane where both Highfield Middle School and St Matthews Catholic Primary School are sited.

She has met with Coun. Guy Renner-Thompson, cabinet member for children services at Northumberland County Council, to further the campaign which would stop cars surrounding school gates.

"I acknowledge the concerns of the schools and families who are doing their very best to ensure that the learners are safe on the side of the road, but the schools share a plot, with a steep hill and a winding road at the entrance.", said Coun. Gilmore. "I am keen to see improvements being made.

"The county council are rolling out speed reduction zones around schools which I welcome, but I would like to see most vehicles being kept away from the school gates and improved safe walking routes set up."

Coun. Renner-Thompson added: "Tracy is right to raise this matter and I was keen to meet up with her to see what can be achieved. 

"It is not going to be the easiest of problems to solve but I have asked officers to look into various options, and we will consider these.

"These are popular schools and we are determined to continue working with them to ensure pedestrians and other road users are safe."