A STOCKSFIELD woman is relaunching popular art and creative play classes for children.

Becky Mack is the new owner of ARTventurers Tyne Valley and Consett and will bring classes back to the area this Easter.

After 15 years in teaching, mother of two Becky is now pursuing her passion for arts and early years development - a move motivated by lockdown and the thought of missing out on experiences with her own children Poppy, six, and Ada, two.

Becky and her daughters have attended play-based learning ARTventurers classes, which encourage creativity, expression and wellbeing, for nearly six years.

"ARTventurers has been a really important and special part of our lives. I thought 'it's a now or never moment' - especially because the area of ARventurers Tyne Valley is my home."

And when Becky's grandad died leaving her almost the exact amount of money needed to get the venture off the ground, she made the leap.

"It was one of those goosebump moments", she explained. "The world is telling me this is the right thing to do, there were so many signs. What a wonderful way to continue his legacy, he was such a family man and did so much in his community.

"I'm really passionate about working with children, especially early years and I have such an interest in the arts and creativity.

"There's been such a positive reaction to me launching the classes. You've got that brilliant mix of people who've done ARTventurers previously but then you've also got all those who have become parents since 2020 and are only now getting the opportunity to get out there and do these exciting, fun things with their kids.

"I'm such a believer in spending those quality times. I'm so excited to welcome all these families to my classes and give them the experience I've had over the past six years."

The sessions, which cater for very small babies up to school-aged children, develop social skills, creative development, physical development and fine motor skills. They are set at the child's own pace and provide opportunities they may not have at home. 

Becky is also able to offer parties and events; she will have a stall at this year's Tynedale Beer Festival in the children's area.

Sessions will run in Stocksfield, Hexham and Consett from April with the view of expanding come September. Many of the Easter holiday sessions sold out in 24 hours.