The producer of an award-winning film is thrilled to reveal that it is now available on Amazon Prime

19-year-old Film student Addison Keen, of Haltwhistle, is celebrating the film he produced 'Finding Your True Self', which is now available on Amazon Prime.

'Finding your true self' is about PTSD and mental health issues and has won Best Drama and  Best First Time Director at Falcon International Film Festival based in London.

"We are really happy to finally get the film out to a wider audience," Addison said.

"We are also of course very happy with the initial responses we've received from people who have watched the film already and we're happy to see where it goes from here."

"We've been heavily motivated with the positive responses from people who have seen Finding Your True Self, that we were eager to jump onto the next one.

"We're getting ready to launch a crowdfunding campaign to help out with gathering together funding for Bet on Dwight soon as well."

Director of 'Finding Your True Self', Gabriel Brown,21, of Alnwick adds: "It’s been a real labour of love creating this and I thank everyone for their dedication, hard work, and passion- we couldn’t have done it without you. I’m really excited to be working on our second feature film, “Bet On Dwight!” as well. We’ve got a superbly talented cast on board and I look forward to working with them and bringing it all to life.”