A 20mph zone is set to be introduced in a Tynedale village.

At a meeting of Corbridge Parish Council in September, members selected its three priority projects for inclusion in the Local Transport Plan Programme 2022-2023.

Their priorities included a 20mph zone in the centre of the village.

The proposals, which are put forward by each parish as well as county councillors on an annual basis, help form the county council’s aims and objectives for transport and highways in the next financial year.

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Nick Oliver, county councillor for Corbridge, said: “The Council have confirmed that a 20mph zone will be implemented this financial year.

"Speed data will be collected and there will be a public consultation before implementation which is likely to be in the Autumn.

"The Parish Council’s speed indicator signs on the three main roads into the village consistently show that small minority of drivers come in and leave our village at dangerous speeds and I welcome anything that will slow them down which I have been requesting for a few years.”

Excessive speeding through the village has often been discussed by Corbridge Parish Council, with some motorists flouting the 30mph limit.

High speeds have been logged by interactive speed signs.

A spokesman for Northumberland County Council said: "A 20mph speed limit for the centre of Corbridge is included in this year's Local Transport Plan Programme. However, the details are not yet finalised and will be subject to consultation."