A councillior is 'pleased' with a musuem's 'foresight' in preparing two new signs to replace two old rusty and illegable information boards.

Cllr Nick Oliver for Corbridge was contacted by a number of residents who were concerned about the information boards that was becoming rusty and unreadable.

He called to find out more information about who would replace the signs, only to find two had already been prepared.

He said : "A few people contacted me about the information board next to the Roman bridge stones on the south side of the river which was rusty and illegible.

"I made a few enquiries about a replacement and it turns out that Tyne and Wear Museums had the foresight to have two made when the site was set up and the spare is now installed.

"Thanks to Tyne and Wear Museums, English Heritage for helping me find it and Corbridge Parish Council for installing it.”