A National Park is reintroducing a campaign to ask owners to keep dogs on leads.

Northumberland National Park Authority is reintroducing ‘Take The Lead’ campaign which launched in spring 2021, as a reminder to visitors to act responsibly.

This year, new signage has been placed across the National Park asking visitors to keep dogs on their leads and under control.

It is hoped to protect farm animals and wildlife such as many pregnant sheep and as well as the arrival of several species of ground-nesting birds including oystercatchers, lapwing, and the park’s iconic Curlew.

Margaret Anderson, senior ranger at Northumberland National Park Authority, said: “Early spring is an important time for farm animals and wildlife.

"Over recent years we have welcomed more and many new visitors to the Park, and whilst we welcome this, it is always important to ask visitors to follow the countryside code and keep dogs on a lead, especially at this crucial time of year for livestock and wildlife.  

“We ask that visitors stick to designated paths, close gates, and keep dogs on leads and take extra care near livestock, as dogs can easily scare or harm farm animals, so please keep a safe distance."