A NEW clothing recycling bank has been placed outside the entrance of Allendale Primary School.

The 'School Connect Project' is a North East based project which deals with recycling and redistributing old clothing.

Donations of unwanted clothing and shoes will help the school financially, as each time the bank is filled the school will receive a small cash reward.

All clothing donated will be reused or recycled, and help to stop as much textile waste going into landfill. 

Phil Vincent, the Deputy Headteacher of Allendale Primary School, said the school already does a lot of recycling, which is driven by the children's interest and is also beneficial for the environment.

"The school is a real hub in the community, and we're offering something that is not available elsewhere right now," he said.

The school has planted more than 100 trees and has also contributed to wildflower planting grounds around the community to improve the local environment.