AFTER its successful re-opening, the Allendale Forge Studios will host two exhibitions next month. 

The exhibition 'Landscape Ceramics' by ceramicist and illustrator Syl Macro will open on April 1.

Living and working in the North Pennines, Syl creates ceramic landscapes through a variety of impressing, marbling and printing techniques. 

"The constant factor in my work is the inspiration of pattern and texture in landscape", said Syl. 

"Living and working in the North Pennines has heightened my awareness of the changing moods and textures of the fells, woods and moorland."

An exhibition, organised by Hexham-based charity SEDCU, will run at the same time and will be showcasing paintings of the late geologist David Almond with the aim of raising money to support the education of severely disadvantaged children in Uganda. Currently, 32 children are supported by the charity - many of whom are orphans, disabled, abandoned, homeless or living in poverty.

David, who spent many years in Uganda, came from a creative and artistic family and was keen on drawing and painting his whole life. He died in 2019.

All of the money raised will go to Uganda.

The exhibitions will run until the end of April.

Allendale Forge Studios is run entirely by volunteers, and reopened on Tuesday, March 1 after large renovations were completed.