A parent is left feeling frustrated as she faces another hurdle to get speed measures on a dangerous road.

On Tuesday, 15 March Tara Wright attended a Local Area Council Meeting in Morpeth to talk about the result of a petition she created in October about a 'death trap road' - Allendale Road, Hexham.

In the petition which she handed in to the County Council in November, Tara included photographs of the narrow paths, photographs of HGV lorries driving above the speed limit, and over 672 signatures of residents who agreed that something should be done to protect schoolchildren who walk to school on that road.

Despite the research and evidence Tara put together and having the backing of local councilors and Hexham mayor Derek Kennedy who all confirmed the dangers of the road, it was revealed in the meeting that England Highways wanted a more 'robust plan' which they will come up with later in the year.

"I am so frustrated with Highways! I think it shows in everyone in that meeting," Tara said.

"Their own report shows clear safety concerns found on Allendale Road and they found speeding in all areas measured and they accepted the paths were too narrow and the roads were too narrow creating a dangerous scenario.

"When I first read the report, it was nice to have some validation of what I have said in my petition but I became disheartened when I saw the words 'possible changes',  'we might look at this' and 'this could be done'.

"For me, It did not seem that they would be anything any time soon, as there was no time frame for all these promises of action.

"Their ways of dealing with this just simply were not good enough.

"When I  gave my speech in the LAC, I  was backed by every councilor in that room.

"I was euphoric about the amount of support from that entire room.

"The whole room was supporting me and against the highways wanting a more robust action plan.  So now we wait for them to come up with an action plan.

"So the fight still continues."