A woman is restarting her farm photoshoots after it proved popular during the lockdown.

Photographer Sarah Smith, of Bardon Mill, used to help out on her grandparent's farm and loved it as a child but was sad that there were no photographs of her on the farm interacting with the animals. A thing that she wishes she had and does not want other children to miss out on.

She started a business called Mirror Image in 2013 but it became a side job when she worked in a law firm but she was laid off during the pandemic.

"I thought that it was now a great time to work for myself, " Sarah said.

"I love it as I follow the kids around and watch them interact with the animals on their own farms.

"It has been a great success, especially during covid, as it was outdoor and now people are buying gift vouchers to have photoshoots done at family farms.

"We are surrounded by a lot of farms and it is the culture - so I thought that families should embrace it more."

If you would be interested in a photography session, contact Sarah by email: mirrorimagephotography37@yahoo.com