A NATIONALLY-RENOWNED physio who lives in Corbridge is the London Marathon's official physiotherapist for the sixth year running.

Paul Hobrough (49), who has worked with some of the top running stars, said it is a "huge privilege".

Mr Hobrough's role includes participating in the marathon's 'Meet the Experts' event held a few months before the race.

Attendees can hear a range of live talks and panel discussions from experts such as a running coach, nutritionist, and psychologist for advice and guidance on running the marathon.

"I go through all the typical injuries they might experience and how to identify them, what to do if they get them, and how to avoid them," said Mr Hobrough.

He is also part of the London Marathon Running Show programme, which takes place at the ExCeL in London in the four days leading up to the marathon.

Hexham Courant: Paul Hobrough.Paul Hobrough.

"In between, you do Facebook lives, and people are emailing you," said Mr Hobrough.

"You're just sort of this ongoing resource for the 40,000 people plus that are running."

When Mr Hobrough first started his business, he had a clinic at the back of running retailer 'Sweatshop', which Hugh Brasher ran before he became Event Director of the London Marathon.

"A lot of the upcoming marathon runners and track runners worked in the shop, so in my clinic at the back they used to come and see me for treatments," said Mr Hobrough.

"So I got to know them professionally and personally, and as those runners have moved up through the ranks, they've ended up being the top names of the event. Plus I had a long working relationship with Hugh Brasher through 'Sweatshop' so it was a kind of natural progression.

"They got in touch and asked if I would be interested in doing it. It's a huge privilege.

"It's [the marathon] a long way away, 300 miles away, but I think anyone would be mad not to do that for the size of the event and what it brings you professionally."

A virtual London Marathon event was held in 2020 due to the pandemic, which saw Mr Hobrough present to people all around the globe from his living room in Corbridge.

The marathon made a physical return last year.

"There's a much bigger buzz around doing the marathon in 2022," said Mr Hobrough.

"I went down to London in 2021 and it's fair to say it was the quietest running show I've ever done.

"Everyone had masks on, everyone was keeping their distance - the interaction wasn't the same."

Mr Hobrough, who runs a clinic from his home in Corbridge, is also the bestselling author of 'Running Free of Injuries' and 'The Runner's Expert Guide to Stretching'. He also consults, teaches and is currently doing a PhD.

The TCS London Marathon 2022 is taking place on Sunday, October 2.