A PARISH council has offered its support to a rural community in the event of a future power cut.

Bellingham Parish Council has formalised an agreement with the Town Hall committee to use the community room in the Town Hall for tea, coffee, and flask filling during future power outages in the local area.

If the power cut has affected a significant section of the parish, and it has lasted overnight, the Town Hall will be open from 10am until 4pm the next day for free tea, coffee, and flask filling.

They ask for the information to be shared amongst members of the community, to make everyone aware of the plan to offer this to anyone who needs it.

The recent storms across Northumberland brought down trees, caused power cuts, and left many without access to hot food or water.

Rural areas in Northumberland came together to use community spaces, such as fire stations and town halls, to offer warm food and water to people who had no power.

To report a power cut and find the latest information relating to power cuts in certain areas, visit Northern Powergrid's website or ring 105, the free National power cut helpline, for advice and support.