Trustees of a village hall are looking forward to a busy year of events - but they need volunteers to run the bar.
Allendale Village Hall trustees are trying to become more prepared for events throughout the year - which has led them to advertise for volunteers to man the bar.
"Since Covid restrictions have lessened we have suddenly had several bookings for weddings and theatre productions at the hall," trustee Chris Garner said.
"So this has caused us to panic, as we won't have many people to 'man the bar' at what will be some very busy events.
"We want to make sure we can cope with the events and for them to go smoothly - especially as many couples are choosing us for weddings as we are local and a lot cheaper than other venues."
After a staff meeting, the trustees agreed to advertise for volunteers on social media - to prove a great success.
Chris said: "We first put the advertisement for help straight after our village meeting and six people came forward to help us out - which is great.
Chris and other trustees believe residents want to get out of their houses more especially after Covid and the restrictions but also believe that there have been a lot of people moving to the area and will use the opportunity to make new friends.
She said: "We found that a lot of people have moved to Allendale recently and want to make friends. I was once in the same position when I moved to Allendale 9 years ago.
"I then joined the village hall and enjoy making sure the hall is available for the community. 
"I think Covid has made people miss doing stuff and getting involved in things for the community - hence why we have a lot of upcoming shows.
"If we can get a team of ten people then we can have enough to make a rota, which will help rotate and schedule the work fairly."
If anyone would like to volunteer at the village hall please contact Chris on 07764 247 079.